Office of Research

Center for NMR Spectroscopy


Guiding Principles:

This facility contains very delicate and sensitive equipment which may be easily corrupted by inexperienced or careless users.  That's why we have all the rules below.  Failure to follow these rules and/or the spirit of the rules will result in termination of your user privileges and future access to the facility.  Please help us keep this facility in top operating condition by (1) knowing the rules, (2) following the rules, and (3) sharing your knowledge of the rules and operating procedures of this facility with your fellow users. 

Your research depends on high quality NMR analysis--Take responsibility for maintaining the health of YOUR NMR Center.



1) All new users will be trained by NMR Center staff before being allowed to use the facility.

2) Initial training is included in the new user package.

3) Advanced training in ALL areas of NMR for ALL instruments to be done only by qualified NMR Center staff--No training by your own group members, except for casual information exchange.

4) Use of advanced techniques and higher field instruments (i.e. variable temperature control, instrument tuning, probe changes, instruments other than the 300) is only allowed on approval of individual users by either Greg or Bill.  Advanced training will be required for each method.


 General Rules for Instrument Usage:


Use only high quality NMR tubes listed below or equivalent:

           Wilmad 528PP or 535PP

           Norell S-5-500-7 (8)  (same or better than Wilmad)


If you are not sure if your NMR tube is good quality, lookup the specifications and compare to those below.  It should be as good or better than these:

Specifications for Norell S-5-500-7:

o.d. 4.97 +-0.013mm

i.d. 4.20 +- 0.025mm

camber 0.0130mm

concentricity 0.0050mm


Poor quality or damaged NMR tubes can break inside the instrument probe, causing extensive damage.  If you are responsible for causing such damage by using a crappy NMR tube, your group will be charged for repair of the probe (>$10,000!).

Disposable ($2.00) NMR tubes are UNACCEPTABLE!


Door Codes

 Door codes for the Omnilock entrance control system are issued individually to approved users of the NMR Center.  Non-approved users are not allowed unsupervised in the Center laboratory, and are not allowed to use the equipment.  NEVER give your assigned door code or password(s) to any other user, and especially not to anyone who is not an approved user.  

Letting someone else use your door code is not allowed.  If anything happens due to the person who borrowed your code, YOU will be held responsible.  Violation of this policy will result in suspension or cancellation of your NMR privileges. 

Door codes will be changed periodically for security reasons.  If you have any problems accessing the Center using the Omnilock system, contact either Greg or Bill.  New users are assigned a unique door code as part of the signup process.

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