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Center for NMR Spectroscopy

Reservation Rules

Varian Mercury 300MHz NMR

8:00AM-10:00AM  up to 1 hour of contiguous time may be reserved during this period.

5:00PM - 7:00PM up to 1 hour of contiguous time may be reserved during this period.

Between the hours of 10:00 AM and 5:00 PM (10:00 and 17:00) Monday through Friday only 30 minutes of consecutive (2 x 15 minute slots) time may be reserved in advance. If while using the instrument you find that you need more time you may sign up for an additional 30 minutes of time ONLY IF no one else has requested the time. If additional 15 or 30 minute blocks are still open you may continue to reserve them.

After 7:00 PM (19:00) Monday through Friday any block of time ranging from 15 minutes to overnight (until 8:00 AM) can be reserved. Please note this is a privilege to allow for long term acquisitions (ie 13C runs) and not as a way to reserve the spectrometer for a single proton spectrum sometime in the night. Long term acquisitions will take precedence, however if the entire overnight is reserved it MUST BE USED. The instrument logs will be checked against the reservations if abuse is suspected.

Saturday reservations will be such that between the hours of 8:00 AM and 2:00 PM (8:00 to 14:00) only 30 minutes of consecutive time can be reserved. Subsequent 15 or 30 minute slots can be reserved if no one else has put in a reservation. After 2:00 PM (14:00) the rules revert to those covering overnight use, namely: any block of time may be reserved as long as it is used.

Sunday reservation rules are the same as overnight use and are in effect from Sunday 8:00 AM until Monday at 8:00 AM. This 24 hour block can be used for extensive long term acquisition or for doing multiple 2D experiments.


Avance 400
Varian 400
WSU Clients $2.00/15min. $10 $8 $9 $10 $25
Other Non-Profits $2.17/15min. $10.87 $8.70 $9.78 $10.87 $35
Corporate Rates $75/hour $125 $100 $100 $125 $75

* Service is per hour and includes includes NMR Operation, Sample Preparation, Data Analysis and Training

*** Corporate clients are on a flat corporate rate.  Not just spectrometer time--We get you HIGH QUALITY DATA.

Other Fees:

Sample Return Fee       $75

Additional Conditions for all NMRC Users

  • Service spectra will be offered to researchers that are not approved to use the NMR Center equipment or for those researchers who want the NMR Center to obtain the data for them. These rates are in addition to the hourly rate for the instrument(s).
  • Set up charges for non-standard experiments or assistance with plotting of data.
  • Data analysis is defined as structural interpretation of NMR data or the work on pulse sequence design or simulation of data.
  • Any and all experimental design and/or data analysis that results in publication should include the NMR Center personnel involved as co-authors. Acknowledgement of the NMR Center is appropriate and a nice thing to do!



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