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Inserting Samples

A standard sample is kept in the magnet at all times and the spectrometer should be in locked mode with the sample spinning. You must remove this sample from the spectrometer before inserting your sample!!! To do so press the button labeled "acqi" on the far left of the upper-most menu bar as shown below.

A new window will appear with controls for ejecting and inserting samples as well as locking and shimming, as shown below.

Clicking the LOCK button will open a screen which is shown below. This screen is the one which wil be used for establishing the lock condition.

To eject the sample it is best to first turn off the sample spinning by first clicking the SPIN: off choice in the upper left corner. While not strictly neccesary, this keeps the sample from rotating as it ejects and lessens the chance of it breaking. It also makes the subsequent new sample insertion easier by allowing the sample to sit fully down in the probe.

Next, click the LOCK: off choice to disable the lock. Again, while not strictly neccesary this keeps the machine from trying to establish lock while you change the Z0 if you are inserting a sample in a different solvent. The machine will display the message LOCK OFF.

Now, click the SAMPLE: eject choice. The sample will eject out the top of the magnet. CAREFULLY remove the sample from the bore tube and place your sample in the bore tube.

NOTE: you must have previously positioned the sample in a spinner turbine at the appropriate level according to the depth gauge (see separate page on sample prep). Make sure your sample is supported by the eject air stream before letting go and walking back to the console.

Click the SAMPLE: insert choice to lower your sample into the probe. You should hear a distinctive "click" as the sample engages in the probe.

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