Office of Research

Center for NMR Spectroscopy

Logging In

Step 1 - Logging In and Starting VNMR

Log into your account using your user name and password The Common Destop Environment should be displayed as a tool bar at the bottom of the screen which contains an icon for starting VNMR (fig 1)

Pressing the NMR icon will open up VNMR. The screen should show four new windows which appear as below.

The top left window contains a command line for typing commands as well as 2 rows of menu buttons which are used for interacting with your files, manipulating spectra etc. The upper right window is the Acquisition Status window which displays the state of the spectrometer, whether it is idle or acquiring data, what the lock status is etc. The middle window is for displaying graphical information such as spectra and FID displays while the bottom window is a new interactive interface which will be used to set up experiments, process data, display data and plot data.

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