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Center for NMR Spectroscopy Washington State University

How to request training on an instrument at the WSU NMR Center

Thank you for your interest in NMR Spectroscopy at WSU!

To become a user of the NMR Center’s instruments, you will need to sign up for training here. Training and account setup are usually completed in two sessions. The first session is an introduction and lecture on the operation of one of our spectrometers, sample handling, safety, data collection and storage, and some data processing. We also set up your account so that you can reserve instrument time, and log into the instruments. You are also assigned a door code for 24/7 access to the facility. During the second session you will bring your own sample to run, and practice your skills. You can ask questions or seek further training at that point. NMR users at WSU are mostly self-sufficient-users run their own samples and experiments, collect and file data, and do data processing independently. Two Ph.D. Scientists are available for assistance during the week and by e-mail. To sign up, use the New User Training Form.


Dear WSU NMR Community,

From time to time, stuff happens, there are updates, even emergencies can happen. This page will include updates and helpful information on outages, dangerous conditions, or just simple malfunctions.

You may comment on this blog, contribute, and ask questions. All WSU NMR Users are welcome to participate here. This is where to notify others of existing adverse or hazardous conditions, instrument problems, etc.


The Management